Photopress 1.8.1

I finally figured out why some of the migrated images get assigned strange “autosave” post parents – the query I was using to get the parent post wasn’t checking for a “publish” post status. This version should fix this issue.

Get Photopress 1.8.1:


Photopress and Lightbox 2

Thanks to Steven for telling me about this issue!

Lightbox 2 has a cool feature where it’ll automagically add code to images in your posts so they’ll work with Lightbox. This is great until it runs into the Photopress album and breaks stuff. To fix this easily, you can turn off the auto-lightbox feature in the Lightbox 2 settings. But what if you like auto-lightboxing?

The function that does auto-lightboxing is around line 60 of lightbox2.php. Adding this “if” to detect the Photopress album (actually “pp_wrap”) and avoid auto-lightboxing seems to do the trick:

function autoexpand_rel_wlightbox ($content) {
/*add this--->*/ if ( strstr($content, 'pp_wrap') ) { return $content; }

Of course, then you’d need to re-do this hack every time you upgrade Lightbox 2…


Photopress 1.8

The long-awaited migration release – this version adds some new tools at Tools:Photopress:Maintain that can be used to pull your Photopress images into the Media Library and then replace your Photopress tags with links to those files in the Media Library.

First, you can now migrate Photopress images into the Media Library. Moving images into the Media Library involves resizing images and can be quite a workout for your server – so it’s done in batches based on a new setting at Settings:Photopress that you should change depending on your server resources. Check to be sure your Media Library is working properly – creating thumbnails and whatnot – before trying to import photos. Image title, description, and category are all imported – but maybe aren’t put in the best spots, so let me know if you have ideas about where they should go. The “attached to” field should get filled correctly, but I’ve seen some funky behavior there that I’ll need to investigate.

If you’ve been using tags to insert images into posts you have two migration options for those. For images you’ve imported into the Media Library, you can replace tags with linked Media Library images. Alternatively, there’s a tool to replace tags with links straight to your Photopress images, useful if you don’t want to do the Media Library import.

So far I’ve tested out the migrate functions on my personal blog, where I had about 400 images that I migrated to the Media Library in batches of 50. Tag replacement worked fine.

The next big release of Photopress will not include the popup uploader/browser. The media handling parts of WordPress work great now – there’s just no need for the Photopress popup tool anymore. So, the next major version of Photopress will only include the album and random image stuff – and both will only work with images in the Media Library.

Get Photopress 1.8:


Photopress 1.7

This version adds a few new features:

  • Switched to thickbox for the popup, like flickpress.
  • Added paging for the main album page, helpful if you have a lot of categories.
  • Added a jquery show/hide form for logged-in users to edit image info right in the album.
  • Fixes localization based on Renato’s comment.

The album paging feature is a little flaky – when permalinks are on it only works for month- or day-based setups. You’ll also probably need to refresh your permalink setup to get it going.

I still have a problem on my family blog now and then where a few categories mysteriously get changed to default. It never happens during testing, so I’m not sure how to figure out what’s going on.

I haven’t updated the options to break pre-2.8 compatibility, but I expect to do that for the next version since it’s supposed to improve security.

Update: Fixed a little bug in the album paging thing – replaced 1.7 with 1.7.1.



Photopress 1.5.2

This little update adds an option to choose from a couple of different sorting options for the categories on the main album page (requested by Ron). I put the option on the Settings:Photopress page, but might move it to the Tools page later. This version also fixes a bug where changing the category dropdown on the Mass Edit page wasn’t doing anything. Finally, I changed the version number of the widget to match the plugin itself, fixing the “upgrade” problem that Steven Alm noticed.