Photos of the Snowpocalypse

Our street still wasn’t plowed earlier today, but enough people had driven up and down it to pack the snow down pretty well. The Mini has very little ground clearance but made it the 1/2 block to the nearest plowed street and we were free! We just went out for groceries and gas, but it was sure nice to get out of the neighborhood for a little while. Even though the big roads have been plowed there’s a lot of slush and ice all over the place.

Digging out the Mini Kitty prints Snowy pole

Sign casualty BMW-shaped snow drift

Not long ago a plow finally came by. I can’t tell whether it moved any snow, but maybe the salt/sand will get some melting done before the next snow storm starts tomorrow.

Ready to snowshoe Penelope likes snowshoes

Snowed in

Shoveled path.

The storm ended a few hours ago, and I think we’ve got more than two feet of snow. We still had a couple of inches left over from the last storm in the back yard, so there might be 30 inches out there. Maybe tomorrow I’ll snowshoe out to find out.

We cleared a shovel-wide strip to the sidewalk and around one car. Hopefully a snow plow will clear our street tomorrow – we saw one go by a block away so there’s some hope. It’s supposed to be sunny so maybe that’ll help melt off the cars.

The most serious issue so far (besides stir-craziness) is that the cable and internet went down early this morning and haven’t come back. Hopefully Comcast is working on it, but since the road hasn’t been plowed yet I can’t really fault them. Fortunately, we’ve got power, iPhones, a couple of Netflix, and an expanded Tivo full of suggestions. We shouldn’t get bored enough to try to light anything on fire until at least Monday.