Hesketh Island 2018

At the beach at Hesketh Island
Sitting around at the beach at Hesketh Island.
The Dreamchaser
Captain Zach’s water taxi, the Dreamchaser, arriving at Hesketh Island with a load of guests.
Fine sculpin
Just look at this beautiful fish.
Big log
Bette spotted this huge log off Hesketh so I paddled out to check it out.
Hesketh Island rock
Cool pattern in a rock on Hesketh Island in Alaska.
Bull kelp float
We found a lot of bull kelp washed up on the beaches on Hesketh Island.
Looking away from sunset
You don’t get to see the sunset on the east side of Hesketh, but the view of the sunset-dappled mountains is pretty amazing.

Fall color

Here are a few of the leaves I’ve photographed this Fall. There are still a few leaves left on the trees so I may capture a couple more, but it’s nearly the end of the season. The rest are on the ground now, waiting for me to gather them up with the rake and leaf blower.

Floating starsHanging on

Wet dogwood leavesHibiscus leaf

Red maple and cloverDogwoodJapanese maple

Wet maple leafPapery leafCurvy points


The Paul Buck

The Paul Buck

While we were pulling a crab pot this huge tanker appeared to be heading out of Kachemak Bay right for us. I’m not whether they turned to avoid us, or they just always leave the bay in a curved path. Either way, it was fun to see a tanker that close, and nice that they didn’t crush us to bits.


Pretty pollock

A nice pollock

I’ll get around to posting some photos from my latest trip to Alaska soon, but in the meantime please enjoy this lovely photo of a pollock.


Grilled beef short ribs

Grilled short ribs

I love braised beef short ribs, but in the middle of summer I hate using the oven. It’s not as if it makes the house a lot warmer, but it sure feels like it. So, I grilled these lovely specimens after rubbing them down with some creole seasoning. They did end up a little tough, but that was easily overcome by slicing them thinly.