Hesketh Island 2018

At the beach at Hesketh Island
Sitting around at the beach at Hesketh Island.
The Dreamchaser
Captain Zach’s water taxi, the Dreamchaser, arriving at Hesketh Island with a load of guests.
Fine sculpin
Just look at this beautiful fish.
Big log
Bette spotted this huge log off Hesketh so I paddled out to check it out.
Hesketh Island rock
Cool pattern in a rock on Hesketh Island in Alaska.
Bull kelp float
We found a lot of bull kelp washed up on the beaches on Hesketh Island.
Looking away from sunset
You don’t get to see the sunset on the east side of Hesketh, but the view of the sunset-dappled mountains is pretty amazing.

Trying to roast coffee…

Roasting coffee

My local market carries green coffee beans, so I got some to try roasting. So far I’ve been using a dry cast iron skillet in the oven or on the stove top. It’s a bit messy and a lot of fun! The finished product definitely isn’t as good as the stuff that I usually buy, but it’s not bad either.