2011 cherry blossoms

There are still a few blooming cherry trees out there – such as the huge one threatening our power and internet lines – but most of them are now done for the year. Oliver and I found plenty of blossoms down at the tidal basin in DC and over at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton. My favorite is probably the one of the path and benches – the blossoms look like a light dusting of snow.

Floating blossoms Washington Monument and blossoms Helicopter and blossoms Benches and blossoms More pink blossoms Pink blossoms Blossoms in the sun A few blossoms Bunch of blossoms

See you next year!

Cherry blossoms

We have a tall cherry tree in the backyard, so I don’t need to go all the way down to the Tidal Basin to see blossoms. They’re a bit far up there though, so it’s a good opportunity to use one of my longer lenses. For this I used my favorite, a 135/3.5 Super Takumar, with an extension tube for closer focusing.

More cherry blossoms

I got brave last weekend and rode the bike down to Hains Point. It turned out to be a traffic nightmare and the bike and I got pretty hot, but I did manage to find a parking spot along the Potomac side of Potomac Park, where there were plenty of blossoms and not very many people.

White blossom Delicious pink center Blossom canopy and sky

Yesterday the Tidal Basin was way too crowded so today I decided to make a Metro-and-foot trip down, knowing rain and Monday would thin the crowds a bit. The rain and wind weren’t fun, but the Tidal Basin was very quiet and the blanket of petals all over everything was well worth getting a little wet.

Blossom benches Blossoms with bokeh-blossoms Jefferson Memorial and blossoms