Quick Seattle trip

A week or so ago we went to Seattle to visit our friends who just had a baby. I always tell people that Seattle isn’t as rainy as they think – just a bit gray in the winter – so of course we arrived during a rare stretch of heavy rain. I guess I should say that Seattle is not always really rainy in the winter, but might sometimes be really rainy.

Wet window Darby

Between cooking dinner and meeting up with as many other friends and family as possible, we made it to most of our favorite spots in Seattle. We had dinner at Mashiko, easily the best sushi restaurant in the whole world. We had breakfast at Le Pichet on our way to go shopping at Pike Place Market. We had coffee at Caffe Ladro, maybe still my favorite coffee shop.

We tried a couple of new things thanks to friends. We had coffee at Caffe Fiore in Ballard, where the espresso is possibly as good as Caffe Ladro. After Mashiko we went to Shelter Lounge, which had great beer and bar food. We met some friends for dinner at Mission in West Seattle, which had excellent adobo pork.

Back of the sign Acacia at the market

We mostly just walk around Pike Place Market looking at stuff, rarely buying anything. For real shopping we head down the hill a street to World Spice Merchants, where we get spice mixes and chai. We also like The Spanish Table and their new sister store Paris Grocery.

That was about it for this trip to Seattle. I wish we’d been able to stay longer and visit with more people. It was a hard to leave, but the monsoon that greeted us on arrival did make it a little easier.

WaMu Tower

This is a photo of the Washington Mutual Tower in Seattle from when I first got my Rebel XT and still had Canon’s bargain-priced 50/1.8 lens. It’s a nice lens, lightweight and very sharp. The big drawbacks for me were plastic construction, the loud AF motor, and the very loose-feeling manual focus ring. Still, I think it’s a far better choice for a first lens than the standard kit lens – it’s great for low-light photography and consistently makes nice portraits. Since I didn’t like or use the AF much I sold it and got a couple of old manual screw-mount 50mm lenses instead.

Wandering around Seattle

I spent Wednesday driving around Seattle. Headed to West Seattle with a double espresso at Cafe Ladro in mind, but got distracted by the fog bank on Elliot Bay. I stopped along Alki and watched a container ship arrive, accompanied by a bunch of tug boats.

Tug and cargo ship

Next I headed for Fisherman’s Terminal. Walking the docks is fun and provides plenty of photographing opportunities. Too bad it was windy, a calm day is much better for reflection shots.

Beloit II Blue boat

My final stop was the Arboretum, a great place for wandering around. I wish I’d had a canoe since the water lilies were blooming and the island is closed to foot traffic for repairs.

St Johns wort