Photopress 1.7

This version adds a few new features:

  • Switched to thickbox for the popup, like flickpress.
  • Added paging for the main album page, helpful if you have a lot of categories.
  • Added a jquery show/hide form for logged-in users to edit image info right in the album.
  • Fixes localization based on Renato’s comment.

The album paging feature is a little flaky – when permalinks are on it only works for month- or day-based setups. You’ll also probably need to refresh your permalink setup to get it going.

I still have a problem on my family blog now and then where a few categories mysteriously get changed to default. It never happens during testing, so I’m not sure how to figure out what’s going on.

I haven’t updated the options to break pre-2.8 compatibility, but I expect to do that for the next version since it’s supposed to improve security.

Update: Fixed a little bug in the album paging thing – replaced 1.7 with 1.7.1.


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