Filez 0.9

Like Photopress, Filez isn’t all that useful now that the built-in uploader works so well. If you’ve been using Filez tags though, you’ve needed to keep Filez active so your old links would continue working. This version of Filez adds a migration tool to pull files into the Media Library, replacing all tags with links to the migrated files.

The migration tool is included as a separate plugin – to use it you’ll need to activate it, then go to Tools:Filez Migrate and click the button. Once it’s done you should be able to deactivate and delete both Filez and Filez Migrate.

Note that if you’re using W3 Total Cache with a CDN you’ll likely need to re-export your Media Library after using the migration tool – some of my files appeared to make it but not all of them.

Get Filez 0.9:

Updates for WP 2.6

These versions of Photopress and Filez should be compatible with WordPress 2.6+. The repository will show you the changes I’ve made since the previous versions if you’re interested. (removed it…) These versions are NOT compatible with earlier versions of WordPress due to the version change in TinyMCE. This version of Photopress uses a different, hopefully more future-proof, method of adding the album page – see the readme or the Photopress page for details.

Photopress 1.2 download:

Filez 0.6 download:

I’ve been using Flickr a lot so I looked for a Flickr plugin that would work something like Photopress. I didn’t find one that supported multiple users, so I wrote one. It only inserts little thumbnails right now, but I expect I’ll add a way to select other sizes at some point.

flickrpress 0.1 download:

Filez 0.5

I added a few features to make it more usable and configurable. You can now specify acceptable file extensions. I should probably do the MIME checking thing like in Photopress… It’s possible to change the visual editor icon if you’ve set the proper file/folder permissions – I included a couple of options. I switched over to using WP’s capabilities instead of the obsolete levels, but there’s no drop-down menu – you’ll have to check out the WP Codex if you want to see all the options. I left the Management page admin-only because I like it that way, but I can add an option to change that if there’s interest. I added the upload error handling stuff from Photopress. I’m using it now at my family blog, so there’ll probably be more changes once a few people try it out.

Here it is:

Filez 0.4

This version of Filez should work with WP 2.1, using the same methods Photopress now uses. I’ll probably be making a few further improvements since I’m going to let some family members try it out – always a good way to find bugs and get ideas for improvements.

Download it:

Filez 0.3

This version uses Owen Winkler’s Buttonsnap library to add a pretty button to the WP 2 RTE toolbar. If you don’t like the button image, it should be easy enough to make a replacement – see filez.png. It remains backwards-compatible with WP 1.5.2. The popup tool has nicer buttons and better filename conflict handling. Lots of changes, so if you find something broken please let me know.

Download Filez 0.3: