flickpress 1.9.2

This version fixes more bugs uncovered by WP_DEBUG and adds a way to import Flickr images into the Media Library. When you’ve clicked through to a photo, if your user has upload permission there’ll be a link at the bottom of the popup to import the image as an attachment to the current post. Then you can use the imported image as you would any other attachment, such as for the post thumbnail or featured image. Please only import images when you have permission to do so!

Get flickpress 1.9.2 at the WordPress Plugin Directory or by upgrading as usual in your WordPress admin panel.

Update: I installed a derivative of Twenty Ten so you can sorta see the image import feature in action. I imported a photo of a leaf and set it as the featured image for this post, so if you’re viewing this post by itself you should see that as the header image.


flickpress 1.9.1

This release adds one big feature, refines a few things introduced in the last release, and fixes some bugs.

First the bugs: A discussion about WP_DEBUG on the wp-hackers list inspired me to turn it on track down the avalanche of warnings, notices, and errors that flickpress was causing. Actually, it wasn’t that bad and fixing the issues didn’t take long. The major change was in the widget code – I was still using pre-2.8 widget functions. So, if you’re using the widget you may will need to check re-enter your settings. I also found and fixed a few breadcrumb problems in the popup tool.

Refinements: Thanks to some feedback from Gustav, I changed the before/between/after caption text fields to allow HTML. This can be used for a variety of things, such as breaking the caption into two lines or wrapping the caption with a tag to use custom style. The last version added simple ThickBox lightbox support, but in case you wish to use another lightbox method I added a custom lightbox option that works with plugins like LightBox Plus.

New feature: On the settings page you can now specify default licenses for photo searches. This will save you a few clicks if you always search for photos licensed the same way.

Get flickpress 1.9.1 at the WordPress Plugin Directory or by upgrading as usual in your WordPress admin panel.


oEmbed FlickrLinkr 0.4

This update adds a bunch of options to customize the appearance of embedded Flickr images and their captions. Here’s what you can do now:

  • Specify classes for the container div and image to control their layout/appearance.
  • Change the order of the title and author in the caption, or omit the author from the caption.
  • Specify text (including HTML) to insert before, between, and after the caption elements.

Get oEmbed FlickrLinkr 0.4 at the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Here’s an example with aligncenter on the div and some HTML in the text at the start of the caption (might change if I change the settings later – that’s how oEmbeds work):


flickpress 1.9

This update adds some caption options, ThickBox support, moves the widget into the main plugin, and updates the phpFlickr library to 3.0. The new caption options let you switch the order of title and author, and put arbitrary text before, between, and after the caption parts. I moved the widget into the main plugin, so you may need to make sure it’s still in your sidebar. If you enable ThickBox support in the options then clicking an inserted Flickr image will display the largest image size available (up to Large) in a ThickBox window.

The plugin should work with the latest version of WordPress, currently 3.0.

Get flickpress 1.9 at the WordPress Plugin Directory or by upgrading as usual in your WordPress admin.


oEmbed FlickrLinkr 0.2

oEmbeds make it ridiculously easy to embed content from other sites in blog posts. Unfortunately, Flickr oEmbeds are not linked to Flickr by default, which seems silly and probably violates Flickr’s Community Guidelines. This plugin enhances your Flickr oEmbeds by linking to the photo page at Flickr and optionally adding a caption with the title and author.

Get oEmbed FlickrLinkr 0.2 at the WordPress Plugins Directory.