Birthdaze 0.5

This update corrects WP_DEBUG warnings in Birthdaze, mostly in the widget. If you’re using the widget you’ll need to reconfigure it due to the changes. This version also adds an option to display the next week’s birthdays. The “thismonth” option in the shortcode and template function is now called “time” and should be set to “all,” “month,” or “week” depending on what you want to display. The readme.txt file should be up-to-date if you need more information.

Get the latest version of Birthdaze here:

Birthdaze 0.4.2

Based on some great feedback and testing from Vac I’ve updated Birthdaze so it should now properly translate dates (month and days of the week). Date formatting is also now done with standard PHP date formatting strings, so you’ve got complete control. See the readme for more information and details on how to get exactly the date format you want.

This version also (hopefully) fixes a bug where empty “before” and “after” strings in the widget were getting replaced with the defaults.

Get the latest version of Birthdaze here:

Birthdaze 0.4

I’ve been using an embedded Google Calendar instead of this plugin for my family site so it hasn’t been getting much attention lately. Vac posted a comment asking about a couple of changes to make the plugin a little more flexible – having options to show full last names and to remove the “th,” “nd,” and so on from the displayed dates. This release adds those options to the widget and template functions. For extra fun, I also added a shortcode to make adding a birthday list to a page or post much easier. Check the readme for details on how to use it.

Download it:

Birthdaze 0.3

I’ve apparently had an old, broken version of this plugin listed for a while. Luckily, Christian tried it out and let me know it was broken. Thanks!

Birthdaze is a really simple plugin that adds an admin page to maintain a list of birthdays, plus a widget and template function to display the birthdays on your blog. For a little bit of privacy, only first name and last initial are displayed externally.

Download birthdaze: