Updates for WP 2.6

These versions of Photopress and Filez should be compatible with WordPress 2.6+. The repository will show you the changes I’ve made since the previous versions if you’re interested. (removed it…) These versions are NOT compatible with earlier versions of WordPress due to the version change in TinyMCE. This version of Photopress uses a different, hopefully more future-proof, method of adding the album page – see the readme or the Photopress page for details.

Photopress 1.2 download:

Filez 0.6 download:

I’ve been using Flickr a lot so I looked for a Flickr plugin that would work something like Photopress. I didn’t find one that supported multiple users, so I wrote one. It only inserts little thumbnails right now, but I expect I’ll add a way to select other sizes at some point.

flickrpress 0.1 download:

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