We went on a short cruise in Annapolis with friends. I brought one of my film cameras for fun and took a few shots of sailboats and stuff.

This is from the first roll of film I’ve developed myself, a roll of Kodak 100 T-MAX that I developed in Caffenol.

An afternoon in Annapolis


Since we bought our car at a dealership in Annapolis, we felt compelled to take it back there for the first scheduled checkup. There are closer dealerships, but Annapolis isn’t very far and it’s a fun place to spend a couple of hours.

Pay to park

We had lunch at McGarvey’s Saloon, an Irish bar with pretty good food. I had their house ale and a bratwurst. After lunch we did a little shopping and wandering around. Mandi found an eye-bleeding bright red jacket and I found a sweet new shopping bag to replace this embarrassing one.