flickrpress 0.5

This version fixes issues with buttons and inserting, and also adds the ability to insert the Flickr image’s title as a caption. It uses the same CSS classes as the WordPress default theme, so as long as your theme includes similar caption classes it should work well. I’ve found that pasting in the image caption section from the default theme works pretty well with themes that don’t have caption style. This version has been tested with WordPress 2.7.1 and should still work fine with 2.7.

Download flickrpress 0.5:

flickrpress 0.4

The flickrpress template function was broken because I didn’t update it to work with the updated phpFlickr class. Since I just figured out how to write a widget for Photopress, I decided to write a flickrpress widget while I still know how to do it. Using the widget or the template function your sidebar can have a column of your recent flickr photos like this:

flickrpress widget screen

Download flickrpress 0.4:

Flickrpress 0.3 for WP 2.7

I updated flickrpress to work with WordPress 2.7 and also added and fixed some things. It’s now possible to insert a variety of photo sizes, rather than just tiny squares. There’s a template function that you can use in your sidebar to display some flickr photos. Note that you’ll need a flickr API key to use this plugin. Here’s an example of what this plugin does:

Iguana eat you

Download flickrpress 0.3 for WordPress 2.7:

Updates for WP 2.6

These versions of Photopress and Filez should be compatible with WordPress 2.6+. The repository will show you the changes I’ve made since the previous versions if you’re interested. (removed it…) These versions are NOT compatible with earlier versions of WordPress due to the version change in TinyMCE. This version of Photopress uses a different, hopefully more future-proof, method of adding the album page – see the readme or the Photopress page for details.

Photopress 1.2 download:

Filez 0.6 download:

I’ve been using Flickr a lot so I looked for a Flickr plugin that would work something like Photopress. I didn’t find one that supported multiple users, so I wrote one. It only inserts little thumbnails right now, but I expect I’ll add a way to select other sizes at some point.

flickrpress 0.1 download: