Photopress2 0.6

This version is a big update, so there are bound to be some bugs. The plugin now uses the WordPress taxonomy system for tags, and includes paging all over the album. There’s a tool for importing your tags into the new taxonomy.

The tag displaying template function now has more options:

<?php if (function_exists('photopress2_image_tags')) photopress2_image_tags($before='Image tags: ', $between=' ', $after='', $id=get_the_ID()); ?>

If you’re using the template function in your theme you should update that since the old version will display all of your tags…

Suggested upgrade steps:

  1. Deactivate and delete the old plugin.
  2. Unzip the new plugin, creating a “photopress2” folder in your plugin folder.
  3. Make sure your album page contains <!–photopress2_album–>
  4. Go to Photopress2 : Settings and verify your album page slug and other settings.
  5. Refresh your permalinks at Settings : Permalinks.
  6. Go to Tools : Import photo tags to import your Photopress2 0.4 tags.
  7. If you’re using the template function, update that.
  8. If you use a cache plugin, clear it.

Get Photopress2:

Photopress2 0.4

I added another field to the tags table for a “display tag” – a version of the tag that can contain spaces and whatnot. Using these it’s possible to get the new tags page looking more or less like the main album page in old Photopress. You’ll need to deactivate and reactivate to get the database table upgraded.

The other big deal is a template function to list tags for an image attachment. The function accepts 2 arguments: what to put before the tags and what to place between them. It doesn’t output anything if the image is not tagged. Here’s an example with “Image tags: ” before the list and a space between each tag.

<?php if (function_exists('photopress2_image_tags')) photopress2_image_tags('Image tags: ', ' '); ?>

This version also fixes a few bugs, such as the totally wrong tagged image count.

Get Photopress2:

Photopress2 0.3

Cosmetic changes: I made the album a little prettier. The page menu now has nicer style. There are image counts all over the place. I also added ThickBox support for images that don’t have attachment pages, which can be enabled or disabled at Settings:Photopress2.

New feature: I added a tag editor at Tools:Image Tags, where you can modify and delete image tags.

Download Photopress2 0.3:

Photopress2 0.2

As expected, I found a bunch of bugs when testing the album. The biggie is that WordPress doesn’t make “real” attachment pages for attachments that don’t have parents. To make things really interesting, it does make sort-of attachment pages for logged-in users, but not for visitors. So, this version fixes the problem by linking directly to the image file when an image doesn’t have a parent.

I also added an option to turn off caching, mostly to make testing easier. In the same vein, just visiting the options page will now clear all caches and flushes the rewrite rules, which should help with some caching weirdness I was seeing.

Download Photopress2 0.2:

Photopress2 0.1

While the uploading parts of Photopress aren’t very useful anymore, I still like some of the other features, such as the album and random image widget. So, this plugin adds an album, a widget, and a shortcode to display the images in your media library.

If you’re migrating from the old Photopress and used the migrate tools in 1.8 then Photopress2 will import your categories as tags for your migrated images.

To activate the album, create a new page with this in it somewhere: <!–pp2_album–>

If the page slug for your album page is something other than ‘photos’ go to Settings:Photopress2 and enter it there.

Enter tags during upload or when you edit an image.

Since this is the first version, there are bound to be some…issues – let me know what you find.

Download Photopress2 0.1: