Photopress2 0.4

I added another field to the tags table for a “display tag” – a version of the tag that can contain spaces and whatnot. Using these it’s possible to get the new tags page looking more or less like the main album page in old Photopress. You’ll need to deactivate and reactivate to get the database table upgraded.

The other big deal is a template function to list tags for an image attachment. The function accepts 2 arguments: what to put before the tags and what to place between them. It doesn’t output anything if the image is not tagged. Here’s an example with “Image tags: ” before the list and a space between each tag.

<?php if (function_exists('photopress2_image_tags')) photopress2_image_tags('Image tags: ', ' '); ?>

This version also fixes a few bugs, such as the totally wrong tagged image count.

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