Crawfish party recap

We had the second annual crawfish party at our friend Aliza’s house earlier this month, once again stuffing ourselves with crawfish late into the night. This year we somehow managed to save a few crawfish to shell the next day for a tasty frittata.

Just like last year, I put together the boil spices based on the recipe from the Good Eats crawfish episode. This year I made two batches of spices – one less spicy and one with the standard amount of cayenne. I think the amount in the recipe is just right, but taste buds vary. The quantity of spices in the recipe is for one 40 quart boil, so I multiplied everything by 4 so we’d have enough for a couple of boils each in our 30 quart pots.

Instead of the corn in the recipe, we cooked a bunch of vegetables – brussels sprouts, asparagus, and broccoli. Having learned our lesson last year, we threw the potatoes in first then added the vegetables with the crawfish. The vegetables still end up well done, but not quite as boiled to death.

Ready for crawfish.

Big claws