Vivitar 135/3.5

Nice aperture blades Vivitar 135/2.8

I got this manual focus m42 screw-mount lens a little more than a year ago at Hampden Junque in Baltimore. Overall it’s a pretty nice lens. It’s compact, shorter than my Super Takumar 135/3.5 but a little fatter. It’s got lots of aperture blades so it produces the bubble-shaped bokeh blobs that I like. The 2.8 widest aperture is fairly fast for low-light shots and easier focusing, and it’s pretty sharp wide open. It even has a built-in sliding lens hood, much better than the screw-on hood on the Super Takumar.

Sadly, I don’t use it much because my 50/1.4 works well for me most of the time. So, the Vivitar 135 mostly gets used around the house to take candid pictures of cats.


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By isaac

I like cats. he/him