Summer in Alaska

The summer heat in the DC area can be oppressive, causing feverish dreams of cooler places. This year I had the good fortune to escape to Alaska for a couple of weeks in August.

Slim explains how to catch fish The Salty Dawg from the harbor

I went fishing with my dad right away. Slim here tried to explain how to catch salmon, but I wasn’t really paying attention – I think I caught one to his three.

Peter coils crab pot line

My cousin Peter was dad’s deckhand for the summer – baiting hooks, filleting fish, and washing the boat. Here he’s coiling the crab pot line as the puller brings up one of the pots.

Checking out the Husky II Seldovia Slough

We went to Seldovia, a pretty little town across Kachemak Bay, a couple of times. There’s this big old rusty boat, the Husky II, sitting there looking like it’s been underwater recently and might be headed back soon.

Spit Sisters Cafe The Peregrine

Spit Sisters makes great espresso, and happens to be located conveniently on the way to the boat. Harbors are full of things to photo, especially if you like reflections – I really like the landing craft’s colors.

Dad on the Rebel

To top off the trip, dad bought an old Honda Rebel! We spent some time getting the blinky bits working and each rode it around Homer. Given past events, you might expect a tale of broken bones next, but I made it out of Homer intact this time.

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