Titlematic plugin 0.1

If you run a group blog, your group members are going to forget to title their posts now and then. It’s mostly just an annoyance – posts without titles look funny – but some plugins get broken because they expect posts to have titles. So, I was using Luke’s Default Post Title plugin, which works well but just sets a default, such as “Untitled Post.” The code I borrowed from the Prologue theme for the quick post feature in OrgPress has a nice auto-title feature that takes the first 25 characters of post text and uses that for the title. It results in some silly titles, but at least they’re more informative than “Untitled Post.” I smooshed the two together into Titlematic, a plugin that sets the title for an untitled post to the first 25 characters of the post’s content and reverts to the “Untitled Post” thing if there isn’t any post content, such as when a post is just an image. Right now you’ve gotta edit the code to change the number of characters to use, so for the next version I’ll probably add some settings.

Download Titlematic 0.1:

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