flickpress 0.6

No, that’s not a typo…I’ve decided to rename my Flickr plugin. There’s an old WP plugin out there in the aether that’s got the old name, so a new name seemed like a good idea, especially if I’m going to post it at sometime.

The more exciting change in this version is that it uses ThickBox for the popup tool now, rather than the old ugly popup method. I think there were some advantages to the old way, but there’s a lot of peer pressure to use ThickBox or something like it. There’s also a new icon, but I’m not crazy about how it turned out, so I probably shouldn’t mention it.

Since this version involves a renaming you’ll want to deactivate the old version, delete the old folder in your plugins folder, then install the new version as usual. You’ll also need to re-enter your Flickr API key, and reactivate and reconfigure the widget if you’re using it.

If you’re reading this and still aren’t sure what the flickpress plugin does, it’s a simple plugin that makes it easy to insert photos from Flickr into your WordPress posts. It can access several different Flickr accounts, so it’s great for group blogs.

Download flickpress 0.6:

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