Photopress 0.7

There’s a lot still wrong with this version, but I think it’s working well enough for testing now. The major change in this version is that Photopress now installs a table in the database. Information entered in the uploader form actually gets saved now.

For a new install, just extract the archive in your WP root folder, make the wp-content/photos folder writable, and activate the plugin. Upload at least two images to make the errors go away (I promise I’ll fix this soon!).

For an upgrade, just make sure you de-activate then re-activate the plugin. That should install the table and import your data.

Download the new version: OR photopress.tar.gz

Try an older version if this one doesn’t work for you: OR photopress-0.5.1.tar.gz

You can find older Photopress code and view code changes between versions at

Thanks a ton to Claus for the db code and ideas.

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