Wenceslas Square

From our trip to Prague a couple of years ago. We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast not far from the end of the the square.


2008 European adventure: Prague

Summary: Mandi and I flew in to Prague via Munich, recovered from jet lag for a couple of days by eating a lot of pork and drinking a lot of beer, then took the train to Nuremberg.

15 October

For Mandi and I, European adventure started in Prague. We tried to make it to Prague a couple of years ago but ended up in London instead due to a snow storm. We figured October would be early enough that there wouldn’t be snow, but we had our fingers crossed anyway. We flew in on Lufthansa via Munich, arriving at about 8 am. Arriving in the morning on a trip where you’re doing a big time zone change sucks, especially if you aren’t good at sleeping on planes. I bring all the stuff required for airplane sleeping – headphones, neck pillow, exhaustion – but never manage to sleep. After some confusion at the airport we figured out how to catch a bus then the metro into town and found our hotel to drop off our bags. Our room was ready, but we resisted the temptation to take a nap and instead hit the cobblestone streets looking for coffee and something edible.

Busy in Prague