Storage houses in Porvoo

From the Finland leg of our Fall 2008 European adventure, looking towards Old Porvoo from New Porvoo across the river. Porvoo is a pretty short bus ride from Helsinki, a nice and quiet day trip.


2008 European Adventure: Finland

20 October

In retrospect, we probably should have just paid more to fly directly from Frankfurt to Helsinki, but flying out of Hahn did get us to Trier, Beilstein, and Burg Eltz so I guess that compensated for the hassle.

Thanks to the navigation thing in the rental minivan we made it to Hahn airport for our Ryanair flight to Tampere, Finland easily enough. The airport is pretty funny because it’s in the middle of the German countryside. We speculated that Ryanair has such good on-time and lost-baggage stats because they use tiny airports where they’ve got a lot of control. We paid extra for priority seating so we got to sit together even though the plane was completely full.

The baggage claim area in Tampere was pretty crazy – the conveyor just spewed bags out into where people were standing – but we managed to collect them all and get on the bus to town. We should have caught a cab or bus to our hotel, but we leaned into the wind and rain and marched from the train station to Omenahotelli.