Silly trick to get yum to update installed groups

When I upgrade Fedora using yum or PreUpgrade my installed groups don’t really get updated. The packages in those groups get updated and any dependencies get resolved, but packages that have been added to the group in the new version of Fedora don’t get installed. So, after updating Fedora I make sure my installed yum groups are really up to date by running “yum groupinstall ” for the groups I think are important. This time I wanted to do this for all of the groups I have installed so I:

  1. got the list of installed groups using “yum grouplist”
  2. copy-pasted the installed ones into a text editor
  3. search-replaced to get the groups wrapped in quotes with spaces between
  4. pasted that into a “yum groupinstall” command, eventually adding “–skip-broken”

That installed more than 800 packages! There’s probably a shell script out there somewhere to do this automatically.

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