flickpress 1.6

Bugfix! @flash just let me know about a bug preventing new Flickr users from getting added. I think I’ve fixed the bug – version 1.6.1 should be available for upgrade shortly.

This release fixes a bunch of cosmetic things and adds some navigation links. I find the Older/Newer links for recent photos especially useful when I want to add several photos to a post.

I made a bunch of little changes to get the markup valid, both in the plugin and for the stuff it inserts into posts. Note that some of the tags I’ve used (table?) might not be valid with your particular theme’s doctype. If you do find non-valid markup anywhere please let me know.

For a fun feature I added interesting photo browsing. They seem to mostly be “all rights reserved” – I’m leaving it to you to decide whether it’s okay to post them or not.

You can get flickpress from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

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