flickpress 1.5

Bug fix! Tarique and Falko noticed that having more than one phpFlickr-based plugin enabled at once can result in conflicts. Rather than figure out how to check for the library (and version – conflicts there too) I’ve opted to rename some things in the version of phpFlickr included with flickpress. This should avoid any conflicts, so let me know if you’re still seeing errors.

Another bug fix! Ben noticed a bug that led me to test inserting a bunch of different photos. I finally ran into trouble with this adorable kitty, which has a title that’s got quotes and a description with a variety of fun characters. It turns out I was using the wrong PHP function to escape text – PHP’s rawurlencode seems to go with JavaScript’s unescape. I hope so at least – let me know if you find any photos that won’t insert or if you get unexpected characters in captions.

New feature! You can now browse a user’s favorites. I like to use favorites to bookmark photos to use in posts – it’s nice to be able to get to those right in flickpress.

You can get flickpress from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

…or right here:

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