New fave photo app: TiltShift Generator

The iPhone camera isn’t all that great by itself. Fortunately, there are a bunch of great photo apps that can make your photos look better. My new favorite is TiltShift Generator, from the same person who made QuadCamera, another fun photo app. TiltShift Generator doesn’t really turn the iPhone into a tilt-shift camera – what it does is closer to digital “miniature faking” – making regular photos look like staged miniature models. Here are a couple of examples:

One end of the Takoma Park festival. Guy at the Washington Monument.

…and a couple more from San Diego:

Bette on the Midway. View from the Midway.

The app makes it very easy to position and configure the sharp spot. There are also color and vignette controls that I like to use to give photos a sort of “toy camera” appearance.

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