Alaska trip photolog

Within 24 hours of arriving in Anchorage I was on Kachemak Bay with my dad, looking for oysters and salmon:

Working an oyster net Me and my salmon

I talked my father-in-law into going on a couple of trips, including one with nice weather and fun fishing:

Slim & Pete & a halibut Mike fishing for halibut

A lot of the Anchorage-area family came down to Homer for Memorial Day weekend, so for a fun trip we went clam digging and mussel gathering in Sadie Cove:

Washing the mollusks Our ride back to the boat

We all went to Bishop’s Beach in Homer to fly kites and turn over rocks before heading back up to Anchorage to fly home:

Assembling kites at the beach Madeline at the beach

There are a lot more photos in this Flickr set.

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