Photopress 1.4: final bugfix for WP 2.6

This version is only for WP 2.6-ish – I’m working on getting my plugins working well with WP 2.7 over the next couple of days. The upgrade to WP 2.7 is going to be rough on my users, but hopefully they’ll like it once they adapt.

In the meantime, Steven Alm found an issue with album display – if you aren’t using permalinks it’s much easier to use the page ID than the page slug, but Photopress wasn’t looking for page IDs. This version fixes the problem with a spot in the options to specify a page ID for the album page. I also noticed the album style stuff wasn’t getting inserted properly. Finally, this version fixes a huge performance issue when using Photopress with other plugins that use preg_replace.

Download Photopress 1.4:

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