Super-Takumar 35/3.5 & EOS adapter

The combination of retro manual lens and modern digital camera sounded fun for some reason, so I ordered an M42 screw-mount to EOS adapter and a 35mm lens to try out with my Rebel XT. The adapters are available all over the place, probably cheapest on eBay, but I ordered mine from Adorama along with the lens. The lens came with a silly old case that I guess can go on a shelf somewhere. The adapter is silver metal, which totally clashes with the black lens and camera. There are black adapters on eBay if you’re fashion-conscious. There’s also an adapter with a little chip that enables the ‘in-focus’ dot, which can apparently be helpful.

So far I like the lens. It’s a solid chunk of metal and glass, in contrast to inexpensive modern Canon lenses, which are mostly plastic. Even my 28-135 isn’t as solid and tight as the 35/3.5. Focusing can be tough, although with digital it’s easy enough to take a shot, check for focus, and take another if it’s not right. The shooting procedure goes something like this: set the lens aperture at its widest, focus a while, set the aperture where you really want it, make sure your exposure is acceptable with a half-push of the shutter button, then take the shot.

The lens, with the adapter and a Canon rear lens cap attached:

Super-Takumar 35/3.5

Some purple coneflowers with the lens wide open at f/3.5:

Purple Coneflowers

…and at f/16:

Purple Coneflowers

Some cherry tomatoes with the lens wide open:

Cherry Tomatoes

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