Photopress 1.0

Please don’t take ‘1.0’ to mean I consider it to be perfect – I just ran out of 0.x space. This version does fix many bugs, including issues with editing categories. I know a bunch of you pointed out the problem, but when my mom noticed I had to fix it (no kidding).

The browse popup tool now has a drop-down menu for picking a page, which works much better with hundreds of images. In the process I fixed it so the filter choices are remembered, which makes a lot more sense.

Finally (I think), in the Mass Edit view the delete check boxes should be suppressed for images used in posts (if the right option is set). This makes it a lot easier to get rid of duplicates that aren’t used in posts. Oh yeah, there’s a new image for the visual editor icon. The old one is still there if you liked it better – poke around and you’ll find it.

Download: photopress.tar.gz or

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