Photopress 0.9

This version includes a few fixes, and a couple of new features. It should work with both WP 1.5.2 and 2.0. If you’re upgrading, make sure to de-activate and re-activate to update the database table.

New features and fixes:

  • Added a category slug field and code to use it – this should fix the permalink problems related to strange characters in category names.
  • The popup tool shouldn’t throw Javascript errors anymore. I also added code to suppress the Browse tab if the tool is launched from the Manage page.
  • There’s now some Javascript to change the Insert buttons a little to show users which images they’ve inserted.
  • The popup tool’s Browse tag has a dropdown category menu that will display images images in a single category.
  • The random image template function (pp_random_image_bare) can now display multiple random images. There are some details about it in the readme and the Photopress page.

Download Photopress 0.9: OR photopress.tar.gz

As usual, let me know what’s broken or needs work. Thanks again for all the bug reports and feature ideas!

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