Photopress 0.8.3

It took forever to wring out the bugs in this version.

New features and fixes:

  • Fixed the problem with uploading in IE, in the process made the MIME/extension checking work better.
  • Better error handling, including a check for the GD module for PHP.
  • Added some support for the rich editor in WordPress 2.0-RC1. If you’re not using the rich editor it works as usual.

Download Photopress 0.8.3: OR photopress.tar.gz

Updates: Fixed the problem that Prashant found with having 2 images next to each other on a line (me and regexps never have gotten along that well). Fixed the problem Miroslav found with the no-album option (it was being ignored entirely). Fixed a problem Kaibo found with using exif_imagetype – now it falls back to the slower getimagesize if you don’t have the exif stuff installed.

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