Isabel aftermath

The storm wasn’t very exciting here in Northwest DC. We’re on high ground so no flooding. We’re in an apartment so the power is still on. The wind gusts were a little loud last night but I still slept fine. So, this afternoon I went for a walk to see if I could find any actual damage. Here’s what I saw:

Hiking at Rock Creek Park

Here are a couple of photos I took while wandering through part of Rock Creek Park Monday.

Tiny purple flowers at Rock Creek Park

This is one of the few flowers I could find that didn’t have a bug of some kind on it. I like flowers with bugs fine too, but they wouldn’t hold still, making for blurry photos.

Pierce Mill

A group is working to fix up Pierce Mill, and it’s none too soon. In the photo at the Park Service’s website the mill’s water wheel appears to be working, but now weeds are growing on it. The sandbags around the lower windows are sure interesting too.