flickpress is a WordPress plugin that adds a multi-user popup tool to the WordPress toolbar for browsing and inserting Flickr photos into posts.

Search or browse recent Flickr photos, tags, favorites, and photosets for multiple users – then insert various sizes of photos into your posts. In addition to searching and browsing photos for known users, flickpress also supports searching for Creative Commons, government, and Flickr Commons photos. Photo captions are included by default, but may be disabled. It is up to you to determine whether your use of a photo is allowed or requires attribution – please honor photo publishers’ licenses.


You must have your own Flickr API key and enter it at Settings -> flickpress for the plugin to work.

flickpress should work with the most recent release of WordPress. If you are testing the development version of WordPress and find flickpress does not work, please let me know. If you are using an old version of WordPress, please upgrade!

There is a widget and old school template function for adding a user’s recent photos to your sidebar – see the readme for details.

Using the template function

You should really use the widget, but if your theme doesn’t have a widget area in the right spot (the footer in Jean-Marc’s case) you probably want to use the template function. When using a plugin function in your theme it’s a good idea to check for it first like this:

if (function_exists('flickpress_photos'))
flickpress_photos('email','number of photos','before','after','class');

If you want a bunch of thumbnails displayed horizontally in your footer, you’d probably want to leave the before and after fields empty. Here’s what worked for me to display 5 recent photos in a row, giving them each the “flickrphotos” class for custom styling:

if (function_exists('flickpress_photos'))


I’ve gotten a report that flickpress does not work with WPMU. When I tried it in a testing environment (using subdirectories – I was unable to get subdomains working) it seemed to work fine, both with MU and with WP 3.0-alpha with the MU stuff turned on. If you try flickpress with MU please let me know if it works or not and especially any errors you see.

Get flickpress

You can get the latest version of flickpress from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Encouraging development

Bug reports and feature requests help me fix things and give me development ideas, so don’t be afraid to post a comment or contact me. If you appreciate my work and want to buy me a beer/coffee, here’s a convenient PayPal button:

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25 thoughts on “flickpress”

  1. I am looking around for the perfect Flickr plugin. So far I have not been too lucky. Here is how I think it should work:

    Browse/Search Flickr – same as the advanced search on Flickr. The most important is the ability to set what type of CC version you want to search for.

    Insert the picture in the post – Automatically put a caption under the picture that has Photographer: zzzzzz, Creative Commons. Here the name should be linked to the picture page in Flickr and the Creative Commons mention should be linked to the correct license on the creative commons site. It should of course be possible to add more to the caption.

    When using a picture from Flickr, most photographers demand a credit. And that is anyway common politeness to do.

    I prefer that the caption I add is shown directly under the picture, while the credit is shown on a separate line a little differently styled.

    The easy way would maybe be to have three different fields. One for photographer and link, one for copyright and link and one for the normal caption.

    The plugin must allow for all the other options for pictures to work – placement, size, etc.

    Creative Commons pictures from Flickr is a great resource for bloggers. Up til now, I have not seen any real attempts of streamlining the use of this.

  2. It would be great to have a plugin, where you can insert flickr photo with custom sizes (and not just the sizes provided by flickr)

  3. Of all of the Flickr plugins I have looked through, this one comes the closest to doing what I want. Very well done.

    My only recommendation is to have the photo’s comment imported as the comment in wordpress instead of (or along with) the user and license. Since you do show this info I can copy and paste it without too much trouble, but might as well take the extra step and insert it, right?

    As a side request (and probably not going to be requested often) what about giving the option of importing some of the exif data along with the photo? Not necessary because I doubt many would use it, but would be cool to have.

    Anyway, I like how this plugin allows me to import photos from multiple Flickr users and has pretty decent search capabilities. Keep up the good work! :)

  4. Thank you for the plugin, I am finding with any flickr plugin I use the same issue and I am wondering if anyone can help me.

    The plugin installs fine, however once I select insert image the image does not insert and the window does not close. I am able to see the list of images just can’t insert. I am using fire fox on mac osx 10.6, any help would be appreciated. My word press install is the latest version.


  5. Thanks for this awesome plugin, but once I enter the api key I get

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function flickpress_check_key() in /home/tariquesani/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/flickpress/flickpress.php on line 96

    Also I figured out any two plugins which use phpFlickr class will not play well together – activation will fail with a Fatal error.

    Thought you might want to know this.

  6. Hi and thanks for the excellent work. We love the ease of use with your plugin. My wife thanks you immensely as well. We did have one question, is there a way to use the plugin to show pictures that are marked private on Flickr? We were thinking about changing most of our pics to “friends-only” on Flickr but would still like to show select ones on our WordPress-site w/o having to turn off privacy for them.

  7. This is a great plugin, thanks!

    There are two features I’d like to see:

    -Automatically upload the pictures to my server from Flickr, if the picture allows it.

    -The possibility to in the preferences set what the caption looks like


  8. I think it’s technically possible to upload any public photo from Flickr to the WP Media Library – are you saying that option should only be available for Creative Commons and other similarly-licensed photos? I would still link the photo to Flickr – that’s required by their community guidelines. Adding this feature might also be a way to get post thumbnails working with Flickr images.

    I’ve been meaning to improve the caption preferences – what options would you like to see there? I’d like an option to show either just the photo title or both title and author – I’m constantly deleting the author from the caption when posting my own photos. Maybe a field to set the text that’s between the title and author too?

  9. Hi,

    I would like to insert flickrpress in the footer of my site.

    What’s the code to use the function :

    (i don’t know how to insert it in my template)

    THX in advance for your help.

  10. It might be technically possible to upload copyrighted material from Flickr to your own server, but you are also in danger of breaking laws by doing so.

    It would be nice to be able to specify during a search that you only want to search Creative Commons pictures that can be edited/modified and used commercially. Today, it might even be considered commercial use if you only show some Google ads on a blog that is only a hobby. So better make sure you are covered…

    Regarding credits – when you pick a picture from Flickr, it would be nice to automatically get a credit and a link-back generated.

    And, of course, it would also be nice if it worked with the new thumbnail function of WordPress…

  11. As far as I know, to work with WP’s new thumbnail function the plugin will need to pull Flickr images into the Media Library. Assuming I get it working, I might make it available for all Flickr images, but with a confirmation dialog where you have to agree you’re use isn’t infringing, you understand the risks, etc.

    When searching, you can specify the licenses you want to include. Right now if you only want to search one license type you have to uncheck all the others each time you search – I’m going to add something in the settings for that.

  12. Hello,

    First things first, this is in my opinion the easiest and best laid out Flickr Plugin for WordPress! I have tried quite a few however this is the only one that allows me to browse my Flickr pics quickly whilst blogging.

    I do have one request, would it be possible to have the following options?
    -make the href for the picture point to the jpeg instead of the flickr page? the resoning behind that would be so that when the user selects the picture, I can lightbox it. For now I can just update the href after using your plugin. I prefer to have a larger jpeg in the lightbox, so ideally an option to select the link size would be cool as well…
    -have the caption link to the flickr page (since the actual jpg href would then be to the jpg..)

    Unless of course lightbox can work with the link to the flickr page, but I beleive it will only pickup on .jpg links?

    You can see an example of this on my page (image in post, 500px, link is to the large photo).


  13. Hi Isaac

    Is there an easy way to add a class attribute to the img tag so I have some control over the style? Also, is there an easy way to add a rel attribute to each img tag in the html output? I’m trying to figure out a way to get the images linked to my lightbox app in wordpress (I’m using prettyPhoto). If I could tweak the html output a little bit I think I can get a lot more functionality out of the images I’m importing. I can’t seem to find where it’s happening in the code though.

  14. hello, great plugin however i have some issue to make it work correctly. i installed and added my flickr api key yet when i go to a post to insert any photos and click on the flickr icon it just upload a black window with no option to select any pictures and either to close it.
    what i am doing wrong?
    thanks for any help.

  15. Hi!

    Thank you for providing these downloads. Upon installing FlickPress, I ran into issues when configuring the settings. I am running WP 3. The settings in the Dashboard do not load after I entered the initial information, such as the API. The Dashboard is now in a constant state of ‘loading…’ The site itself has slowed down incredibly after activating the plugin. This is defibnitely a result of the plugin, as the site was only created weeks ago and not many posts are there yet. Loading the wp-admin page takes forever also.

    I feel the only way to get rid of this, is by deleting the plugin from the server… or getting your help!

    Reply much appreciated, thanks,

  16. Chris,

    My internet was broken yesterday and I experienced what you describe when working with my test site. As I mentioned when I emailed, flickpress shouldn’t hurt the dashboard, but obviously it does. I think the same thing will happen when Flickr is down.

    It looks like I can fix this by using fsockopen() to check on Flickr before trying to do anything else.

    Thanks for the bug report!

  17. Hi Isaac,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I am still experiencing problems configuring the plugin. I guess I will have to await a newer version, or an updae of WordPress. For now, I am taking the convenience route of not posting F;ickr imagery on my site.


  18. I have been using this plug-in for at least 6 months and absolutely love it. Too bad that today it no longer works and I now get this message:
    “Your Flickr API key may be invalid, Flickr may be down, or the Flickr API may have changed. If Flickr is up and your key is correct check for a plugin update.”

    Flickr is NOT down and my API key has NOT changed. Could this be a problem with the Plug-in?? Any advice on how to fix it??

  19. I can’t get this to work. I’ve followed the installation instruction. I get same msg Kristi S listed above. And this: “Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in …(server path)…/wp-content/plugins/flickpress/include.php on line 14”

    Is the ap broken or did I do something wrong? I have the up-to-date plug-in and WP 3.0.1

  20. Thanks for posting the warning – I’ll fix that in the next version. Unfortunately, seeing that warning means the plugin couldn’t make a connection to Flickr – I *think* both you and Kristi tried to use the plugin while your server couldn’t connect to Flickr, at least momentarily.

  21. hi, i had installed your plug-in but when trying to add any pictures its gives me this error
    ” Fatal error: Class ‘WPGeo_Settings’ not found ”
    i have try to reinstall it and to amend the WP Geo plugin but can’t fix it, any clue?
    my blog is http://www.blogdiviaggi.com
    thanks for ur help

  22. Love the plug-in and use it on several blogs, but it is now giving me the “Your Flickr API key may be invalid, Flickr may be down, or the Flickr API may have changed. If Flickr is up and your key is correct check for a plugin update.” error message everytime I try to use it.

    I am doing this on two separate blogs with two separate flickr accounts, so I believe the issue is with the plug-in. I am using WP version 3.2.1 on both WP instances.

    Are you working on fixing this? Thank you!

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