Photopress 0.4.2

Really just a small change – the album style is now all in album.php (in the photopress folder, which should be in your plugins folder). This should make it much easier for those of you using non-default themes to integrate the album.

Download or photopress.tar.gz.

You can always find the most recent version (and older versions too if you know where to look) at

10 thoughts on “Photopress 0.4.2”

  1. Great to see so much development of this plugin. I’m not sure if the options are working quite right on mine… even though Link to Album is set to No, when you add the image to a post the plugin still produces a link to the album:


    Ideally I’d like it to just show the image, and not have it linking to anything. It would be great if there was a seperate user level for Upload and Browse, as I don’t want the browse button showing for ordinary users. I’m using WordPress 1.5.

    Sorry for being so demanding! : )

  2. Hi, I’m working on installing Photopress into my blog, but I’ve come up against a problem.

    Basically, it’s to do with the fact that I have wordpress installed in a directory, /blog/ yet my index is called from the root.

    This means that the upload.php is trying to find /wp-content/photos instead of /blog/wp-content/photos – So I effectively can’t upload any photos.

    Any ideas on what I need to edit to fix this?



  3. Never mind, i got it sorted, just searched through every file till i found the ‘photospath’ function in the photopress-inc.php

    Thanks a lot :)

  4. Hi there,

    Nice plugin! But the link to seems dead. Actually, I can’t even find on the ‘Net…

  5. After working with your plugin for a little while, I have a feature request also: When you upload a picture, you can give a comment, but in the album itself, the filename of the photo is shown. Could you make it so that instead of the filename, the comment is shown? Thanks in advance :)

  6. Excellent plugin! I`m using it right now on my site but I just have one feature request (or maybe you can tell me how to do it): is there a way to make it so that when you post a picture it is thumbnailed and then when users click on it they get taken to that post`s page to comment and it shows the full sized picture? I`ve been trying to get it to work but my php is not that good 😛

    Thanks again for this excellent plugin!

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